We love our portfolio brands because they are innovative and disruptive yet
always uphold their core values. They are committed to creating positive
change and making a difference in their industries.

Chaps & Co plans to grow globally and become the market leader as a synonym for male grooming. As a key pillar of the global expansion, Chaps is also working on creating an exclusive men’s grooming product line to complement the brand personality and services offered.

FuturByte is your gateway to cutting-edge technology solutions. With a track record of delivering successful projects on time, we’ve established ourselves.

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Dubai stalwart MORE is set to make its mark across the region. Good food served in casual, friendly settings, it’s no surprise residents and visitors alike are asking for more.

With exclusive distribution rights in the GCC, the company offers licensed merchandise from prestigious European football clubs and gaming products from leading brands, such as Premier League football clubs’ merchandise and Disney and Marvel gaming products.

At Edsidera we provide children with a holistic and immersive extra-curricular educational experience that is modern, digital and beyond conventional learning.
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For almost three decades, STITCHES has designed and manufactured high-quality, uniforms for schools, as well as bespoke textile and apparel orders for the corporate sectors.

Eazio is a cutting-edge, cloud-based platform that empowers business owners to run their companies with more efficiency.

Truly unique to its core, Eazio is “designed by operators and built by entrepreneurs.”