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Leading from the front, Mark Aitchison is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at EIGHTClouds. With a collective wealth of experience and a passion for learning, Mark focuses on empowering the product, brand and founder’s story for the consumer market.

Prior to realising EIGHTClouds in early 2022, Mark led an ambitious and versatile career in the real estate sector in the UK. In 2004, he set up a business to provide consultancy services for overseas businesses, looking to access and set up operations within the GCC and Asia. Bringing a wealth of knowledge in multiple fields, Mark began investing in businesses to build a diverse portfolio of equity stakes, leading him to co-found the successful barbershop brand, Chaps & Co, in 2015.

With EIGHTClouds, Mark hopes to continue building brands that last and provide a platform for entrepreneurs to innovate and take their vision global. Believing in building strong relationships with his partners, he looks to further expand with new avenues such as franchising, partnerships, or joint ventures across the fields of apparel, beauty and wellness, hospitality, real estate, technology, sustainability, and beyond.